Your Top 10 Questions About Nespresso Coffee Answered

Nespresso Coffee machines have recently gained purchase momentum. Nespresso is also a well respected brand, known for assisting sustainable coffee agriculture and fair trade. With the sudden increase in customer base, the questions in the consumer’s mind increase. We analyzed the data of millions of Nespresso users and collected their queries to make a list of all the questions you would have concerning the machine.
Keep reading to know better.

1. What Do You Mean By Nespresso?

The Switzerland based Nestle Group has a unit named Nestle Nespresso S.A that manufactures Nespresso coffee machines. This machine brews coffee and espresso from tiny capsules also known as pods. These capsules need to be inserted in the machine after which they are processed with one cup of heated water. This mixture is then poured into your cup.

Each capsule prepares one cup of coffee. It comes with variations in the strength and flavors that makes you a serving of espresso. Different machines have different choices of drinks. Some versions give you the freedom of choosing your drink size while some memorize your drink preferences over time.

2. Where Can I Buy Nespresso Pods And Machine From?

Earlier, the capsules were sold exclusively by the manufacturer – Nespresso. However, due to the increase in production and sales, these pods are available in selected stores globally. The original website of Nespresso comes with a dedicated section for the purchase of pods. The options will overwhelm you with possibilities.

Talking about the Nespresso coffee machine, you can get it directly from the manufacturer’s website or from major online stores like Amazon and BestBuy.

3. Can I Use Loose Grounds Instead Of Pods?

No, you cannot use loose grounds in the machine. Nespresso machines only work with the concept of capsules that are pierced and mixed with the heated cup of water inside the machine. The loose grounds will not serve this purpose.
Each capsule comes with 5-7 grams of ground coffee to make one serving. You get to choose between 40ml Espresso shot or the long pour of 110ml through the different models of machine.

4. How Do I Use A Nespresso Machine?

The Nespresso coffee machine is completely idiot-proof. It can be used by any person without any complexities. No matter which model you use, the process is the same for making your delicious coffee.

If you’re using the machine for the first time, go through the list of operating instructions to clean the water system and hot water attachment. This manual can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website as well.
The process for cleaning is as follows:

  •  Fill water till the brim of the water tank.
  • Place a container to hold the water under the outlet and switch the machine on.
  •  Stop the machine when the water tank remains half full.
  •  Depending upon your version of Nespresso machine, rinse the hot water attachment using the operating instructions provided with your box.

Now you can enter your capsule inside the machine, press the button and wait for your coffee to brew.

5. Does The Nespresso Machine Come With Milk Frother?

Not all sellers provide Nespresso machines with the milk frother. However, some retailers givs you the choice to purchase a Nespresso machine with milk frother at no extra cost.

The frother is a compact machine that helps you to make cappuccino and latte. Don’t buy the milk frother if you plan on making only espresso drinks.

If your machine does not come with the frother, it can be purchased separately from Nespresso’s website or from Amazon at a minimal cost.

6. Are The Capsules Of Another Brand Compatible With Nespresso Machine?

The older versions of Nespresso machines may be compatible with any coffee capsule, but the newer models come with a specific compatibility. Coffee capsules from brands like La Caffe Mocha, Pressogno and Café Royal, work well with the Nespresso machines.

The method of capsule piercing inside the machine has changed. This makes some capsules compatible than the others. The variation in the needle size and the type of capsule makes it difficult for some capsules to be pierced through. The aluminum capsules of the original manufacturer can be easily pierced while the plastic-coated capsules fail to do the job.

7. Is The Frother Compatible With Non-Dairy Milk?

Vegans, it’s time for you to rejoice. The milk frother comes with a vegan-friendly option of whisking non-dairy milk. They are the sole option of creating low fat coffee with foam that has larger air bubbles than cream.

You can either use soy or almond milk in the frother but the coffee made will be thinner as compared to the regular ones.

8. How Many Calories Does One Capsule Contain?

Talking about the original Nespresso coffee capsule, the calorie content is very low with a maximum of 2 calories in one serving. These capsules are BPA free and compliant with the regulations applicable on similar materials.

9. Does Nespresso Machine Come With Decaf Option?

The Nespresso machine does not have the option to filter decaf coffee. However, the capsules come with the required decaf variant. The original Nespresso decaf coffee capsules come with nearly no trace of caffeine with an approximate of 0.4 mg caffeine content.

All you need to do is insert the right type of capsule and wait for your coffee to drip down the outlet.

10.How Can I Descale The Nespresso Coffee Machine?

Here are the steps to descale your Nespresso machine:

  •  Empty the capsule container and take it out.
  •  Fill the water tank with 4-5 cups of warm water.
  •  Mix a packet of descaling solution and turn the machine on.
  •  Place a container below the outlet.
  •  Depending upon your model, press the required button/s.
  •  After the water tank is emptied in the container, run the same steps again without adding the descaling   solution.
  • Depending upon your model, press the required buttons to exit the descaling mode.

We hope that your process of coffee making becomes easier with the use of these points. Enjoy your drink!…